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Mari has the unique experience of spending more than 10 years working in emergency clinical settings with companion animals.  Her goal is to help keep more animals in their forever homes by teaching pet parents the tools they need to succeed at prolonged behavioral change.  

With over 16 years tenure in the animal field, her passion has remained with educating pet parents on how to provide the best life they can for their furry companions. She takes pride in being able to strengthen the bond between humans and their pets. 


Golda & Ariel

Mari is amazing with the dogs and is a very good teacher for the people who live with those dogs. The raw food diet is an excellent way to keep our dogs as healthy as possible, for as long as possible.


Mari is a dog whisperer. In a few quiet commands, she had a rambunctious young pup, freshly rescued from a shelter, sitting and high fiving and staying. She is a maker of good boys (and girls). Our dog loves her and we do too


Mari is the dog whisperer! Trained my Frenchy pup and also trained ME to act/talk differently to to get better results.
Mari is professional and punctual, and she is a true consultant to all of her clients. I highly recommend Mari to anyone looking for a positive dog training experience.

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