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From Me to You!

From Me to You!
board n train

Board & Train


From the day your puppy arrives home they are tuned in to your everyday actions and reactions.  Either intentionally or unintentionally you begin to shape their behaviors and responses.   

Our obedience program is dedicated to creating strong foundational roots that be expanded upon throughout the life of your pet. 

As puppies grow up they begin to display different tendencies and as such your puppies’ individual program will depend on their age at drop off.  

All programs include 24 hour care in a home setting in order to maximize results. 

Please inquire for pricing. 

The Refresher

Our 7 day refresher course is for dogs who have already passed a basic training course with us.  

The Course

Our 14 day course is a good way to get started with things such as potty & food schedules, crate training for separation anxiety as well as socialization with other species and learning basic commands.  

The Program

Our 30 day program allows for habits to truly set in as it gives us the time to troubleshoot any new behaviors that arise. Each pup will follow a daily schedule based on their age and a prior discussion detailing the pet parents needs.  

Basic Obedience: sit, lay, stay, recall, place, break, crate, potty, leave it (Can be worked on with all programs.)

Advanced Tricks: roll over, touch, sit pretty, jump, speak, wait, hold (an item), drop it, under (for restaurant tables or airplane seats), through, over, weave (agility), fetch (Can be worked on after the pets foundations have been tested for duration, distance from handler and distraction level.)

As time allows (or by specific request) all programs will have the chance to work on the following desensitization: car rides (in the backseat for safety), nail clipping & filing with dremel, simulation of ear cleaning & eye drops as well as plenty of dental play.  As a seasoned veterinary professional Mari can assure you that these seemingly simple things will have a huge payout later. 

A certain amount of regression can be expected as adolescents become teenagers so as part of your package we include one human integration session per week purchased. These can be used by one adult joining us at our training space during your pets stay or Mari can come to your home and teach you and your family how to reinforce the skills and behaviors for long term success. 


Special pricing for puppies who are teething, in heat or are considered a giant breed. 

Proof of vaccination will be required.

Flea & Tick prevention will be required. 

Agreement to consent to the inherent risks associated with car rides and socializing with other animals. 

Valid for one year from purchase date.

Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification


Sometimes our pets develop puzzling habits and we find that we need help redirecting their behavior. This can include but is not limited to: barking excessively, chewing your personal items, running out the front door or jumping on your guests. 

The initial visit will consist of Mari coming over to analyze the pets existing behavior and responses as per the issues discussed with the pet parent. You will have homework from day one. 

This visit runs between 60 and 90 minutes in length. $200

Follow up visits run up to 60 minutes in duration.  $150

Dogs over 85 pounds require an additional fee. 

Travel fee required for anyone outside of a 30 minute driving range from facility. 

Programs are tailored to fit individual pet parents needs therefore prices are subject to change accordingly

The Hi 5 Program

Extracurricular Activities

Physical and mental stimulation for pets who have graduated from our obedience program to socialize and reinforce good behavior in group or public settings. 

Group Classes
Field Trips
Agility Work 

(working to hone their commands at places such as parks, beaches, stores, restaurants and at the airport!)

Any of these are also available for purchase as an individual session with the pet parent along for the fun!

Topics include but are not limited to:

Basic care & grooming, veterinary needs, health & nutrition, raw diets, making your own treats, weight loss, rehabbing after orthopedic surgery, CPR & first aid, allergic reactions, toad toxicity, heat stroke, why dental health should matter to you and so much more! 

Please inquire for pricing. 

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